Lake Swannanoa Homeowners Association

LSHA By-Laws 10-22-13.pdf  (amended 10-22-13, opens in new window)

Rules_and_Regulations modified 9-13-12.pdf( revised 9-13-12, pdf file, opens in new window)

10-Foot Strip Improvement & Dock Policy Application (ed. 7/03) (pdf file, opens in new window)


Payment Plan Policy   (adopted 9-21-10, opens in new window)

Tree policy LSHA.pdf   (opens in new window)

Jefferson Township

Jefferson Township Code Book: S 490-34. Piers, docks and marinas.

Amendment: "No dock, pier, boathouse or marina may be constructed or enlarged unless the owner secures from the Zoning Officer a dock permit. Normal maintenance and repairs shall not require any such permit."

See also LSHA application above.

Tree Ordinance  Code Book Chapter 273

State of New Jersey

NJ Hunting and Fishing Licenses 

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